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sherry lane gallery

sherry lane gallery

sherry lane gallery

Sherry Lane Caricatures/Entertainment

Parties and Special Events

There were hundreds of guests who enjoyed the festivities and entertainment at the Chinese New Year Party. It was a huge success! People were so enthusiastic about getting a Face-Reading, I couldn’t take a break! My name painter worked non-stop and Mr. Cheng, my paper-cutter was working as fast as his little scissors would go.
We all had a wonderful time.

Party was a big hit with guests from around the world

“Thank you again so much for all of your performers beautifully talented work. It was such a comfort to have you there.We’ll be in touch!” Lauren Perry, Event Planner, The Standard Chartered Bank


Lecture ProgramsParty Readings

Sherry Lane is a professional speaker, and “fascination” describes the reaction from large and enthusiastic audiences Sherry attracts wherever she goes. Sherry is an expert in the ancient art of Face-Reading and is currently writing a book on the subject.

She can read past, present and future in your face.

If you are looking for something special for your next event, Sherry can draw caricatures and read faces too!

Sherry’s caricatures capture the essence as well as the likeness of each person. Having trained with a Chinese master in the art of face reading, Sherry is able to read the high nose bridge as a path to wealth, the chiseled cheek as independence, and large eyes as leadership ability. She has traveled the world for her long list of corporate clients that includes American Express, Panasonic, Pepsi Cola, ABC and General Motors.

“… a sitting with Lane is not for the faint of heart as she may end up knowing more about you than you would like her to.” Inside Events, The Masterplanner Quarterly Guide