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Article by Julie Arnold
Let’s Have a Party!

Life is hard – we should have a party. If this does not seem like the most logical sequence of ideas we should listen to the good doctors who tell us that having fun is most definitely good for us. It’s an advice we should believe; it’s coming from Harvard! So what does having fun do for us? Well, for starters it feels good, but the goodies don’t end there. It will help us become nicer, kinder and stronger. Heck, it will even make us better looking. Difficult to believe? It shouldn’t be. Having fun, enriching our lives with humor can alleviate stress, boost immunity and foster good relationships.

Who Do You Call? Stress Busters!

Chronic stress induces a high level of cortisol, which wrecks our body, causes many illnesses and makes us gain weight on our abdomen – right in the place where we don’t need it. So the remedy is to have laughs and good times. After all what’s a party without laughter? Some, like Ogden Nash thought that our life depends on it: “How are we to survive? Solemnity is not the answer, any more than witless and irresponsible frivolity is. I think our best chance lies in humor…” Instead of Sigmund Freud’s “talking cure” a new proposition is to take a laughing cure. However, psychologists have warned us that humor, essential as it may be, remains just a tool in human communication rack-me and that it should be used judiciously. Instead of mean spirited jokes that hurt, we have to be kind. Old adage that we should laugh with each other not at each other just may contain a very essential truth. So when picking a party entertainment pick something that would guarantee both laughter and kindness. Caricature, by its nature, is a labor of love. An artist drawing caricature has to grasp the essential features of a person and express them through much more economic means than a regular portraitist. Caricaturist has to master the art of reading faces, an art Sherry Lane took to new heights. Sherry Lane will give your guests not only a topic for conversation, but also a lovely souvenir to print, frame and enjoy long after the party. After all, even memories of good times have the power to make us happy.

Everyone is Welcome

Picking the right party entertainment may be an important part but it is not the whole job. As hosts, our duty is to make every guest feels welcome and at ease. At one point of another, we have all seen the loveliest, kindest and friendliest people, who unfortunately may also be the shyest, left on their own. What a shame! There are ways to effortlessly bring people together and as a host you can spin magic. Don’t stick to the basic introduction. Try to bring together people who share same interests. Here a bit of preplanning can help. Good tip is to jot down couple of notes about your guests interests at the moment when you are sending the invitations or nowadays more usual evites. It might come handy when you plan seating arrangements. A cocktail party brings even more opportunities, as you and your guest will be navigating the room to meet their ideal conversation partner. You’ll be remembered not only as a thoughtful but also as a very lively host. Cocktails and appetizers are fabulous conversation starters, and, as Emma Christiansen wrote in The New York Times lifestyle column: “Great conversations start over a really good bruschetta.” Once food is on the table and the first caricatures come out, the event has reached the point of no return, where initial tentative socializing turns into a great and memorable party. At this point even the hosts can relax and enjoy! Communication will go smoothly, everyone will feel included, new friendships will be made and at this point everyone will get all those benefits which, as doctors claim, come with having fun. Who would have thought that with solid numbers of great parties we could prevent all sorts of ills from bulging waists to substance abuse? It is not the first remedy that comes to mind. However, according to the highest authorities on the matter, it is a really good one; professional treatment centers such as those for New Jersey drug addiction rehab rely on fostering this sense of community, inclusion and empathy in their treatment programs. If the professionals recommend it, why not heed doctors’ orders?

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